“Completely Awful”?? Judge For Yourself

One of the challenges of running a resort in Surfers Paradise is that people’s expectations differ considerably.

We promote The Shore exactly as it is – a great value 3 1/2 star resort with a fantastic location.

We use our web site to show off our apartments to potential guests – we have tons of photos and videos.

  1. Is the building a little tired? Sure.
  2. Could The Shore do with a freshen up or modernising? Sure could.
  3. The Body Corporate is constantly upgrading The Shore as the budget allows

However, it’s just fine as it is.

Trip Advisor Reviews

Many of our guests use Trip Advisor for reviews of us – and we love feedback. We really do. It’s one of the best ways we can improve.

We’ve just had in an absolutely awful review that has distressed us very much. We’re so disappointed that this reviewer had such an awful time, but are gobsmacked at the ferocity of the negative review.

Completely Awful” complains about:

1. “The couch was old and peeling” – no problem, replaced (it was a super comfortable couch)

2. Bathroom could be seen from outside (has a curtain) – no. We’ve tested this ourselves and people can’t see it.

3. “…ceiling fan in the bedroom was old and rusted, not flush with the ceiling.”

“…pedestal fan in the lounge room was also ancient and rusty”

They sure do rust. We get just 3 months of use out of the fans before the sea air rusts them beyond service. We replace them immediately they don’t meet our standards or if someone mentions they’re not working well. No biggie.

Fan with rust marks

The fan in question with rust marks

Have gone close up to show the little bit of rust and it not being flush with the ceiling (because of the type of ceiling)

Have gone close up to show the little bit of rust and it not being flush with the ceiling (because of the type of ceiling)

4. The Hole In The Wall

Edward A complained “There was also a hole in the bedroom wall about the size of a 50c piece right next to the bed.”

This one deserves a video.

5. Sink Chipped & The Coating Had Worn Away

Edward A also complained that “the bathroom tiles were cracked and needed replacing. The sink was chipped and the coating had worn away.”

Sink with 2 small worn patches

Sink with 2 small worn patches

6.  Not the greatest look, but the guests said they’d found a used condom beside the beside table.

As we said to the reviewer – our apologies for the condom you said you found beside the bedside table. I assume this was on the floor.

I’ve spoken with our cleaners and our senior cleaner cleaned the room personally and simply doesn’t know how she missed it.  She is very distressed that she appeared to do so and asked me to apologise on her behalf.

Most Disappointingly

Most disappointingly, the reviewer goes on to very strongly imply that we have misleading photos on the web site.

This is something we reject absolutely. We feel awful that this person suggests we’re misleading our guests.

We have hundreds of photos on our site and in Trip Advisor reviews (taken by guests) and the apartment of this guest is well reflected amongst them.

I’ve also put a selection of photos from this same apartment below AND in our general Photos page so you can see for yourself.

Nothing has changed in the apartment other than the couch.

“If The Typical Apartment…”

The guest then finishes off with ” If the “typical” apartment is one like we stayed in, the place should be shut down.”

We’re horrified by this comment – The Shore is 3 1/2 star great value accommodation in a fantastic location in Surfers Paradise. We have 54 Excellent ratings out of 109 reviews on Trip Advisor!

Our worry is that Trip Advisor readers will see this and think our apartments are poor quality when they’re terrific, clean, safe, well serviced and managed by a very caring and friendly (apart from when I get grumpy with reviews like this!) team.

We’d really appreciate it if you could take a look at the above and the photos below and judge for yourself.

Thanks for reading – we’re all feeling very upset with the review and feel like we need a chance to have our say with some examples.


Terry and the team

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  1. Keryn says

    I wouldn’t worry… the majority of your reviews are glowing.. including ours from 2010. You are doing a fabulous job! Keep it up!!