How To Quickly See All Rates


I’ve just had someone ask how they see the rates for the next few weeks, not just the next 14 days as appears on the Home Page of the web site.


Simply click the arrow at the end of the row of dates and you get taken to the next 14 days rates and beyond.


(Of course you can always give a call or shoot through an email here.)

Hope that helps.


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  1. Barbara Miln says

    Hi to all the lovely people at The Shore. I am so pleased I took no notice of the ‘nasty’ comment I read here not long before our holiday. My husband and I found the staff wonderful and so very helpful and we loved our apartment it was clean and adequately furnished. I must mention the shower, now that was something I enjoyed, lovely hot water and good pressure. The weather was superb, really turned on for us so really we had nothing to complain about. All in all a really great experience on our much anticipated multi city Australian holiday. Thanks guys

    Kindest regards

    Barbara Miln, Christchurch, New Zealand