More Photos & Video of The Shore

The hardest part of managing The Shore is letting people know what great value we are.

Because the prices are so cheap, and we’re right on The Esplanade, people seem to assume the apartments must be poor quality.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

The apartments are great:

  • clean
  • tidy
  • spacious
  • modern
  • well maintained

After all, if you have a shonky resort, word soon spreads and you can’t get such high rankings like we do on sites like Trip Advisor!

The guys from our web company have just called in and done a few shots of a couple of typical apartments.  I’ll pop a few below and the rest onto our very popular photos page when I’ve cropped them.

You’ll also see below a quick video showing a few typical rooms – hope that helps.

A typical bedroom in the apartments

Typical lounge - spacious, clean and neat - with a great view!

The Shore - Pool (we also have a hot tub!)

Justine behind the Reception Desk - looks like lots to do!



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