Some Nice Words

Had a nice email from a guest yesterday.  I thought I’d repost here as it talks about how close we are to transport (I can say that we’re close to transport, but it sounds so much better coming from a recent guests!).

“Dear Justine and Terry

I am sending an email on behalf of my two friends and I to thank you for your wonderful service and hospitality last weekend.

Our quick visit was made an enjoyable experience, once again, because of your apartments e.g. location, service, cleanliness.

This time on our visit we decided to tackle public transport and was quite delighted that the first night we arrived the bus dropped us opposite the convenience store located behind your apartments.  Then over the weekend to catch the buses to Southport RSL, Harbourtown and the Helensvale Station, the bus stop was a short walk across the block.

I will be in touch shortly to book for a longer holiday towards the end of the year.

Once again, thank you.




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